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Spain Travelling

Gran Canaria

3rd February 2017

So we have been home for a good few weeks now. Still remeniscing on instagram about those wonderful days on this Canary Island. I always end up wanting to move there when I visit. I am not going to hide the fact that the climate plays a big role in that wish. I am often finding myself trying to figure out what kind of work I could do down there. A law-student as I am, I was superchuffed when I found a sign saying “Advokat” in Puerto Rico. “Advokat” meaning Lawyer in Norwegian. Maybe I can use my profession down there after all? Or maybe I can just live from taking gorgeous photos and posting it to Instagram, eh… Well there is always the dream…

Needless to say we have had some really nice days. The kid loved it, and this time the holiday was just too short. No one was ready to go back to the reality of everyday life. I am still dreamming of a life where I can just pack my family up and travel the world for a year or two. Reality is, in two years this little chappy starts school, and our opportunities to travel will be severely limited… So we are enjoying this time while we can. 🙂

Spain Travelling

Let’s do this

22nd January 2017

So anyway… We are a family. Sometimes consisting of three people, but mostly consisting of five. Mom, Dad, the 3-year old result of that marriage, plus the 12 and 16 year olds who unfortunately are shared with another mother.

We eat… We sleep… We travel…

Sometimes just the two of us. Sometimes with just the youngest. Mostly we tuck all five of us into the car or on a plane, off to a new destination. We don’t spend money on perishables. Things that go out of fashion in six months. Things that break. Things that lose their shine after a few weeks of usage. The memories of places we’ve seen are the most treasured. So we go cheap. But we go often. It suits us perfectly…